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Arlene is available to serve you in many capacities. She is an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor (Psychic readings and Mediumship). Because of her office as minister, she holds each session as sacred and works within the laws of privacy by not sharing any of your interaction with her unless you give her permission. She believes in taping each session so that you, in your leisure, may revisit your time with your spirit guides, teachers and Creator.

Having an open mind does not mean that you have to take on every bit of information that is shared with you. You need to openly and mindfully discern what feels right for you. But if you go in with a suspicious mind and heart, you will restrict not only the flow of real knowledge, but also what you gain from the reading.
What Can a Medium, or Psychic do for me?

A Medium’s purpose is to provide proof of an afterlife. A Psychic’s purpose is to provide validating information about your energy concerning your life issues and spiritual growth.  Good psychics are always aware that people are looking for the reasons why things happen as they do, so they realize that people can be emotionally vulnerable and open to misunderstanding. Expectations about what should or should not happen in a mediumship reading often create anxiety, which blocks the flow. It could be that there is a message from someone who has passed away, but guides, angels and other friends are also contacted through mediumship. People who are open and relaxed get the most benefit from a medium ship reading.

Can a medium summon up whom ever you wish to hear from right then? Even people in spirit have free will and they may not wish to come forward at that time. This is an interaction based on respect for all people involved. It is a good idea to think of a person you wish to connect with at the time you make the appointment for the reading so there can be a strong connection. It is advisable not to give Arlene anymore information than is necessary to set up the appointment.

Past Lives: Arlene has found over the many years she has been doing readings that not everyone has lived in this galaxy before. Some have been here many times. Arlene and the Ancients use past life stories to discover how your different lives are all interconnected and interwoven into the special destiny path that you want to know about now. This usually gives you the confidence that comes with getting to know who you really are.

Is everyone Famous in their past lives? No, but they were important to the group they shared that life with. Past life work is especially powerful in helping you to understand why there can be deep feelings and yet so many challenges in trying to make a relationship work.

When Arlene read the 12th and 13th chapters of 1st Corinthians in the King James Version of the Holy Bible she became very excited to see how much God loved her and had chosen her to do His work. When you ask Arlene what can she do? She will answer “Whatever God wants me to do because without Him I can do nothing”

So, we leave you with this statement and invitation:

“When you are open and honest with Divine Spirit,
Divine Spirit is open and honest with you”.

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Thank You,
Arlene and the Ancients

5 Things You Should Know Before Consulting a Psychic:
Interest in psychics, mediums and all things paranormal is at an all-time high, especially at this time of year. Working as a professional psychic for the last decade, I'd like to offer some helpful tips to those considering a session with a psychic. Read more here...

Talking Stick
Talking Stick


One of the most valuable tools for honoring close relationships and for learning respect, honor, and listening skills is The Talking Stick. The Talking Stick (Native-American in origin) is simply a Tree Person branch that has been so dedicated as a Talking Stick to be used for creating more open and sincere dialog.

Individual indigenous groups have more specific information and ritual.

I don’t represent myself as any kind of authority of Native ways —

that is the work of the Elders within each of the Native Peoples

First, there must be total agreement between the two parties that, when The Talking Stick is present, both will honor the rules of the ritual. The rules are simple.

  1. When one wishes to be allowed to speak fully, freely, and without interruption, they pick up The Talking Stick.
  2. While it is being held, the other person listens ONLY.
  3. The other person does not interrupt or insert. The other person attempts, to the best of their ability, not to interject vocal, or even physicalresponses to what is being shared but to ONLY listen with an open and un-judgmental ear.
  4. When the one who is talking is finished, The Talking Stick is laid down and the other person then has the opportunity to pick up the Stick and to speak openly and freely.
The types of readings I do are:

Past lives
Pet communication
Communication with Departed loved ones
Life Path & sensing a picture of a loved one, a pet
Aura Mapping and objects
Arlene is now Available for.... see below

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Nu Vu Oasis
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Fee Schedule:

All sessions are taped for your convenience and will be sent to the address you provide.

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$90.00 for 60 min
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$70.00 for 45 min
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$45.00 for 30 min
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$30.00 for 15 min
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$20.00 /1.5 hr Class
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$30.00 / 2 hr Class
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$70.00 / 5 hr seminar
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10 steps to reading success:
  1. Prepare yourself for the reading
  2. Have a list of questions ready for the reading
  3. Try not to ask Yes/No questions. Make your questions specific but open ended. This will encourage Arlene and the Ancients to give you more quality guidance.
  4. Arlene is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. Because of these gifts you can request visiting a past life.
  5. Make sure to let Arlene know if there are some general areas you want to focus on, like relationship, career, health etc.
  6. Please don’t play “Test the Psychic” by withholding information. In a psychic reading, it just makes the experience unnecessarily difficult and stressful.
  7. Arlene and the Ancients ask you to be open to a different way of thinking about yourself and your problems. Be open to change.
  8. If the Ancients through Arlene are saying things that make a lot of sense to you, make sure you tell her. This helps her continue down the right track.
  9. If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes the connection isn’t really strong.
  10. The reading is time to focus on YOU.  Look at it as a kind of healing session, helping you to let go of the old hurts and embrace new plans for the future.
Legal Notice:

Arlene as an independent contractor, (psychic/medium/spiritual counselor) does not intend for any information received from this site to constitute professional advice for which professional license is required.

Use of this site, by any person or business entity constitutes complete acceptance of these terms and this Disclaimer and any other terms of Service or disclaimer found on this site. The services offered within this site are intended for entertainment purposes only and in no way constitute Legal, Financial, Medical or any other Advice/Counseling. By using this site you do so freely and accept all of the terms listed herein and throughout this site.

Arlene is not responsible for any and all decisions you make based upon your use of this site or the Readings provided to you. Paid services through this site require a Credit Card and you MUST be 18 years or older to use these services. This disclaimer may be updated from time to time without notice.

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Labrynth at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association
Labrynth at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association

Teepee at HGSA
Teepee Classroom HGSA Spring Institute 2010

Arlene Raedel is Now Available
sylvia Brown & Arlene
Arlene with Sylvia Brown at Harrah's January 2012

Private in home Group Sessions


Arlene ready to give a reading
Back by popular demand:
Arlene is now available
to come to your home

In Home Services Available:

Private Spirit Circle:

Maximum 10 people sit together in the comfort of your own home for 2 hours as Reverend Arlene brings in spirits, spirit guides and angels to give validation and healing messages.

Private Instruction:
Maximum 10 people come together for an amazing 2 hour class on Psychic Development, Spirit Communication, Past Lives, Meditation, Meet your spirit guides, Life, Death and Afterlife Instruction and many other Metaphysical topics in the privacy of your own home or at her office.

Past Life Experience:
Arlene will take you and/or your group through a past life experience Feel, See and Hear a true past life.

Ghost Busting and Paranormal Investigation:
Are you being haunted? Reverend Arlene will come out and communicate with the energy that seems to be haunting you. She can negotiate terms of resident possession with the unwanted entity. You own the place and its time for them to get out or abide by your rules.

Smudging and Protection Ceremony:
If you are feeling bad energy, family confusion or hostile environment then maybe its time to cleanse your home. Reverend Arlene will define the issues and rid them for you. She will perform a protection ceremony and house cleansing ritual that will clear the air and bring love and light back into your wonderful home. This ceremony helps with releasing depression, teenagers, financial issues, marital issues, new home owners, and drug and alcohol addictions. (this is not a cure for disease and substance abuse. It helps clear negative, unwanted energy to ease the tension and lighten the atmosphere.)

Spiritual Crime Scene Investigator (SCSI):
Arlene uses prayer and the 'eyes' of the Holy Spirit to bring peace and resolution to the family, friends and departed 'victim[s]'. It is also her intention that, through the intervention of Creator, the Karmic debt be settled with all the members of the 'crime', in this lifetime, and that the crime scene be cleansed, releasing it from any further negativity and that it be swept clean and scented with the sweet smell of God and the fragrances of Roses. In this way, Peace can come to Earth.

Reverend Arlene at 951-306-4516
or use the contact form here.

- Thank You for your interest and trust

"When you are open and honest with Divine Spirit,
Divine Spirit is open and honest with you"

A series in "Mediumship Development" is forming.
If you are interested check her calendar for dates

Arlene Raedel

Orbs in an haunted building

Arlene and George Maxwell Ghost-Busting in Piru, CA


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