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Teepee classroom for Spring Institute 2010 at HGSA
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Rev. Arlene Raedel's message circle with Grandmother Deveraux
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Instructor, Rev. Arlene Raedel
preparing her Teepee classroom for Spring Institute 2010
November (11th month) 29 (Numerology value 11) 2009
(Numerology value 11) at 11:11 a.m. PST
at the NuVu Oasis in Nuevo, California, USA.
Nu Vu Labryinth 11:11 Celebration
NuVu Oasis
One day the Sun awoke and sent it's light to Mother Earth and Arlene's property and began to warm her Mother Earth awoke she remembered the dream she had lived in the time of the Moon.

Mother Earth began to vibrate her dream to Arlene (Anpoah) and asked for a necklace of stones to be placed on the land where Anpoah lives.

Anpoah heard the voice of Mother Earth and asked the winds of all directions to speak to the stone nation (rocks/beads) and please come to Anpoah's place for the stringing of this necklace for Mother Earth.

The Star Nations had already begun to gather for the opening of the 11:11:11 gateway and Mother Earth was very specific about the design of the necklace she received in her dreamtime.

It had to have 7 strands (or paths) and one in the middle for this is a place for the people of earth to Stand with her heart in the presence and peace of the Great Central Sun.

She had a precise vortex for the children of earth to stand before the Great Central Sun so she called forth Dave Glassford (Cancer) to take his sticks (dowsing rods) and walk to her heart and mark it there ...and it was so.

Only "the one" who understood the True Value of LOVE could etch her skin (earth) and she called forth Reverend Jim Stump (who was born at the time of the three fingers of the Scorpion [Libra]).

She then asked to bring forth a human to tell the directions of Her necklace (Labyrinth) and she called forth Shirley Ernst (Scorpio) to use her voice and heart...and it was so.

She asked for a musician (Reverend Jim Stump) to Sound the Trumpet from the Ocean (Conch) so it would be known there also...and it was so.

She asked the Cloud People to share the River of Life (Rain) so her skin (the ground) would be clean and asked the wind to beautify the day with it's music in the trees and bushes...and it was so.

Mother Earth was specific; only the human women are to string the beads (rocks) of her necklace and the men are to bring the beads to the women bent at their task...thus it was done in this way.

There was much celebrating and many voices of unity and prayer on that day as Her necklace was designed and all could see her pleasure as the bird tribes came to speak.

A Galatic/Human being named Ishtara (Sagittarius) spoke of the miracles for the year of 2010 and how the necklace of peace would help the people remember their path and purpose.

The ants were busy that day also because they had spoke to the stomachs of the people and much food was brought for the feeding of the people and Ana Miller (Capricorn) made the tables look like a feast for royalty.

Many hands brought new beads for the necklace of peace and beads were brought for some who could not come to the land so the Heart of Earth would beat with their name also...and the blessings began...
Nu Vu Labryinth 11:11 Celebration
NuVu Oasis
Nu Vu Labryinth 11:11 Celebration
NuVu Oasis
Nu Vu Labryinth 11:11 Celebration
NuVu Oasis
Tonopah, Arizona
Tonopah, AZ
Tonopah, Arizona
Tonopah, AZ
As Arlene, I give gratitude to:
The Ancients and the gift of Hearing the voices of all nations
Shirley Ernst for her gift of Ceremony, teaching and her pure heart for Mother Earth
Jim Stump for his gift of Pure Love for Creator and his musical talents
Ana Miller for preparing the tables fit for Royalty
Monika Jefferson-Liggens and her gift of Kundalini Yoga
Ishtara for sharing the words of enlightment for the year of 2010
Dave Glassford and his gift of Dowsing and knowledge (and the release of his book "Two Doves")
Kevin Blanchett for his gift of service and abilities to help all of us other humans
Everyone who brought food and stones for the celebration of the day
Everyone who came for the stringing of the Mother's Necklace
Sandra Jenkins for beings such a willing movie photographer (and the release of her book/movie script "Random Numbers")
Angela for her still shots of the Mother's necklace in the making
Ishtra for the pictures of the Orbs

and to Gwen Staggs for being willing to finance the property here at NuVu Oasis


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