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I was unable to download and hear this beautiful song a month ago but had read the words to "Will You Answer The Call". Even then, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that came while actually hearing the song . When you sang “God loves you,” goose bumps covered both my arms and tears started flowing and haven’t stopped. You were right about this song blessing people. I’ve done Step 12 before, Arlene, and had been very grateful, but have never had this kind of emotional experience.

Thank you dear one.
Lori of California

Dear Rev. Arlene:

Thank you very much for your wonderful energy - AND bringing along your assistant. It got our church moving! The wonderful healings that you gave some parishioners were great. I enjoyed assisting you in some of them. You are a very good healer and your readings were excellent. I'd like to learn from you.

We, also, thoroughly enjoy your drumming circle - the energies and spirits seem to be flowing a lot. Everyone has raved about the circle and wants you to come back as soon as you can. What is your availability? What's your phone number? I will definitely keep you posted as I set up the speakers now for our church activities.

Please feel free to call me anytime and let me know when you are available. Parishioners are still raving about you!

May You Always Walk in Beauty,

Rev. Suzanne Vallez :)
Mystical United Spiritualist Church
Anaheim, California

Testamonial from the Grandmother Devereux circle:

I would like to give you confirmation about what I was told by Grandma Devereux. She mentioned the couple I know who argue and disagree all the time are going to be just fine. Basically Grandma told me I can't change them anyway, so don't worry about it.

I have been married to Randy for 35 years. From the first time I met his mother and father I was blown over at how much they bicker and argue. Even through all this very serious heart attack, they have continued to pick on each other. It has been a concern for both Randy and I as we are worried now that Ralph has been given a second chance so to speak. I am so glad grandma said something. She is so right and I will heed her advice. I'm not gonna worry about it.

One other confirmation that I found pretty interesting is that Grandma grabbed my wedding ring and sort of grumbled something about this ring has been given twice.

From two different interests. Then she just sorta shrugged it off saying O well, its a special ring. Well, Rev. Arlene the wedding band I wear is from my first husband, Frank. When I married Randy I never changed the ring! The first reason is because we were young and very poor and for Randy to buy me a diamond was unnecessary) the second is because the diamond came from my first husbands great grandma's wedding ring. She came from England. So as you can see it is a special ring to me.

Interesting you would chose Sherry Baby and not Sunflower. You know who called me Sherry baby don't you? Eric. He is very connected to Native American spirituality. In 1999 - Under a full moon, in Telluride Colorado, Eric [Burton] whispered in my ear...You know John [Lennon] and I were born on the same day. I told him nonsense, John's birthday is 10/9/40 your birthday is 5/11/41. Eric just smiled and told me that he is right, actually he told me if I prove him wrong he'll suck my toes...(musicians you gotta luv em) It took me a few years but I learned through messages that yes he is right. They were twin brothers in a past life. My two sons I loved very much.

l learned so much today... love you! Sherry

Hello Rev Arlene:
I just wanted to thank you for your reading. It was right on, and really helped give me some important insight. I apologize for being so slow in getting back to you. I just needed to debrief myself after my reading and absorb everything.
Blessings to you . . .
Dar of California

Rev. Arlene has given me several very insightful readings over the last eight years.  Each reading provided information to me that allowed me to move forward feeling lighter and more peaceful.  One of the best readings was when my deceased father sent a message through Reverend Arlene. I felt his love and it lifted me for days to come.  It no longer amazes me at the high level of Reverend Arlenes accuracy.  I have confidence that I am receiving truthful loving guidance each time. ... Anna Sens

At first I didnt know what to think about Arlene. That was about six years ago. When I got my first reading she told me things that I never told anybody not even my boyfriend at the time. She has helped me out with so much and, in a way, she gave me back my life. My happiness I owe to her because with out her help I would be in a place that no one ever needs to be. She helped me to see what I'm worth and how storng I truely am. All I can say is have a reading with her, lean to what she has to say, it will help to get you back on the path that you're supposd to be on. It did for me. My life is the best it can be and getting better every day. .... Cheri Hern

I have a special Guide, John, who has been sending me messages of love from the other side for over twenty five years. He sends me these messages in the form of dreams, coincidences, spirit pictures, and little gifts. About four years ago I got the tremendous urge to have a reading.

I received several readings from some very talented and loving people.   Although interesting, these readings were not especially full feeling.  I knew that I would find "The One", who would be able to communicate with John some day.   I found this person, Reverend Arlene.

I now have over 30 recorded session tapes from readings with Reverend Arlene. Some readings are embarrassing and funny, some are sad, some tell of future events.   In this short testimonial I would like to reveal one very special moment of love.

My mother passed in 1981. I have had little if any communication with her, which has always saddened me. Until....during a session I asked if Mom could somehow give me a message? I was quite apprehensive asking this. Arlene was quite for a moment then asked me...'Sherry did you ever play a squeeze box'? Then she quickly asked me if I were a ventriloquist? It took me about a second to realize mom was with us. Yes, I did play an accordion when I was 7 years old. Yes, I was a ventriloquist. In fact, when I was in fourth grade I appeared in my schools talent show with my two dummy's Jerry McCarthey and Mortimore. There is no way Arlene knew this of me.

I am working on a book that includes many of the readings I have received from Reverend Arlene along with a little 'Help', from my friend John.

Now as for you, Dear Reader, are you asking yourself the question 'should I get a reading? I know I asked myself this question many times. I was very concerned whether God would approve? I can now say, with all my heart and soul, that through these special 'talks' with God and my loved ones on the other side of reality, (as we know it) that I know God is real and that we all go on forever. I've come to the conclusion that, if what Arlene does is wrong, then so is all faith. If you decide to have a reading then I advise you this--

All you need is Love.
Sherry in this lifetime
Sunflower in another

Dear Arlene
I just had to tell you that I am happy today! I have what I need to get me through the rest of February, the hockey game on the 27th! (Doesn't mean that I still won't be calling you for the spirits and angels to pick me up again during this time). Your prayers are working, thank you sooooo much!! You truly are my angel and please thank my Mother for sending you to me and tell her that I love her very, very much! Tell her my marriage of 20 years did not work but I promise her when K...n is back in my arms after all of his legal issues are over she will no longer have to worry about me being alone. That we are life partners and soul mates until we meet again after going through the pearly gates when she will have a chance to meet K....n and chat.

Thanks again Arlene! You are TOP angel in my book and are very, very special to me!

Love ya,
Columbus, Ohio

Hi Rev Arlene,
You read for my Dalmatians (Dottie & Pearl) a couple months ago when they were having problems getting along. I’m pleased to say the dogs are now living in harmony and they each know their place and what’s expected of them. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance.

Lisa O.

Comments from Listeners:
Interview "The All Spirit Driven Show - Relationships" 02-11-2013

I just finished listening to you on Cheryln's radio show = it's in the archives.
I know I am biased but you were wonderful! Your comments were filled with love, truth and inspiration.
Listening to your calming, love-filled voice reminded me of a song: 'You're So Easy To Love.'
Many, many blessings to you, my friend. You walk with Spirit and for doing so, you deserve all good things.

I am listening !!! woohoo. Love Sandra H.

I tuned in...loved it! :) Annette


HEARD YOU TODAY! Love you so much. Lovely loving wisdom and heart.
Researched star seeds earlier. OMGoodness! Yes. and again YES!
Am left with the feeling I would just like to BE with you, grooving in the energy.
A thought comes, "I could have tried harder to reach her." OK, so now I can travel in the dreamtime, as you said.
Thank you, dearest friend. I miss you.
Much love,

Greetings Arlene,
Thanks for sharing. Your show was very inspiring & served as a conformation in many aspects that I am on a divine path.
With Sincere Gratitude,

Hi Arlene
Thanks for the relationship broadcast. I am a chaos child and I need to improve myself otherwise I will end up in another toxic relationship. I didn't realize just how much my parents affect even my current decision and actions. I recall a listener ask when she would meet her one and the advice given to patiently wait for the right one because you could end up rushing into the wrong relationship. I've been thinking about when I would meet someone who loves me the way I need to be loved and that I can love the way they need to be loved. I think sometimes I get impatient and loose hope that I will or could ever meet someone.
Thank you.

Comments from Listeners: "Spirit in Transition"Interview
Hi Arlene, I was mesmerized by your appearance on Linda's show! I confess I didn't have time to hear it all, but plan to listen to it ALL later. Thanks for doing the show! I loved it!

Wow, you did a great job! I just got a chance to listen. What a gift I had when my dad went thru his surgery and complications...I had no idea. You did such a great job and so pleasant to listen to.
Thanks, Donna

...I felt like I had not found my Teacher yet. Then one day Reverend Arlene and I met and I had my first reading with her. I knew I had found her.

...My father, and his wife, my step mother, were involved in an auto accident in Minnesota August 11th of 2006 while on vacation. They live in Arizona. This accident led to my father getting pneumonia and in the ICU unit at St. Mary's hospital in Duluth.

...Dad was not recovering as we hoped. He was still on the respirator after being on it for over almost six weeks. He was again slipping into despair. We were very afraid he was going the wrong way. It was during my reading with Arlene before I flew to dads side, that I was given a message from [my guide] John through Arlene that I was to take with me to help dad.

This is the message, I have it on recorded tape:
Reverend Arlene: I don't know why I am given this but...your dad...He is a cowboy?
Sherry: Yes he is
A: I am seeing John Wayne. Your dad needs to laugh...when you see him, call him John Wayne.
S: I will
A: Your dad, did he have some sort of fascination with the Long Ranger?
S: (laughing) I don't think so..,but maybe he did.
A: well, I am seeing the Lone Ranger. Mention this to your dad when you see him. John and I feel it will help him.
(.....Read the whole story here to find out how Rev. Arlene and John helped to lift his spirits and reverse the inevidable...)

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