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Lyrics to "Ken's Song"
Lyrics to "Will You Answer?"
Lyrics to "Moonbeams"
About the Music

" Ken's Song"
© Copywrited all rights reserved

Ken's Song was "birthed" in 2007 after I received the news my son had been in a dirt bike accident and had a 15% chance of surivial. This song is about gratitude. My son made it. He is the father of 4 children, has a devoted wife and a grandchild on the way. Every word is special because of the people who believed in Ken. From the families he was with in the desert that day, the helicopter team that took him to Desert Regional Memorial Hospital and the amazing medical team and staff in the Trauma Cente, the prayer people and Ken's visit to God and his decision to return to continue this life.

"Will You Answer?"
© Copywrited all rights reserved

Will You Answer The Call is a song about an event that happened in a Country Club in Escondido, Ca. Someone suggested there be a Spiritual Bar Song and I sent these words to my composer friend and this is how the event became something to sing about. This song goes out to all of us that have ever been to AL-ANON, AA or NA or any anonymous meetings or had someone we know attempt or entertain thoughts of suicide. The man in this song did in fact continue his life and made many changes.

"Will You Answer The Call"© is currently available to ALANON and AA groups because of its inspirational content.

"Moonbeams and Sailing Ships"
© Copywrited all rights reserved

Moonbeams and Sailing Ships is a song that came about when the relationship I was in drifted apart. It is just a narrative in a magical way of the man's life over a period of time and the things that were important to him and the invitation for his return. Sometimes we see our loves move away and we need to write space in that gap for the return if only for to friendship and stories and in that way love continues.

About the Musicians:

Vocal and Co-Writer: Reverend Arlene
Music score for Moonbeams and Sailing Ships by Greg Douglass
Group: "The Electric Ecliptics"
Guest Performers: Greg Douglass and Rev. J.A. Stump

Vocal and Co-writer: Reverend Arlene is fulfilling her covenant with God and introducing her Music Ministry. Rev Arlene is a Minister-At-Large

Sound Engineer & Strings: Tony Macashen, age 66, born in Portland, Oregon. Sound Engineer at Sunset Sounds for 15 Years. Has his own private recording studio. Tony Made a Gold Record with Joe Cocker "Hitchcock Railway", has played with Mason Williams, The Deep 6 and The Associations, Temptations and more....

Music Score and Lead Guitar: Greg Douglass Born October 11, 1949, in Oakland, Ca. After thirty years in the business, seventy-five albums, five platinum records, and a career most poeople just dream about, Greg Douglass is just hitting his stride. His "Lead Guitar" instructional book is on sale. Check out his web site for more information.

Lead Guitar and Guitar Fills: Dan Miller, ( Ken' Brother-in-Law) - born September of 1958 in San Francisco, CA. Dan is a Viet Nam Vet and tours with bands twice a year overseas entertaining our troops in Iraq and Iran and tours with the show band The Kelly Bowlin Band and sets up the sound stage at the Morongo Casino, in Morongo CA. Dan worked as a studio musician for a member of the 5th dimension singers and is currently a Freelance Lead Guitar Musician, "Has Guitars & Banjo" will travel sometimes, lending his award winning talent with local bands.

Piano: Reverend J.A. Stump - born in October of 1958, is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and a Licensed Family and Marriage Counselor in Newport Beach, CA with a passion for music. He co-wrote "Will You Answer The Call" with Rev Arlene and is co-authoring a Spiritual Song Book with original music and lyrics to be released soon. Rev Jim is multitalented as he also plays the Oboe, different reed instruments, keyboard and more.

Drums: Jay Laskowsky - born in 1957, plays regularly in Palm Springs, Ca with the Buddy Mercer Band, teaches drum and guitar in Moreno Valley, CA and co-owns "Spirit of the Moon" in Moreno Valley, Ca with his lovely wife. Jay co-wrote "Ken's Song" with Rev. Arlene and is her voice coach on these songs.

Base Guitar: Jerry Dell - born in 1945, is a Freelance Musician "Plays Bass Guitar Will Travel" sometimes. Jerry played with Jimmy Massina and Frankie Avalon and currently lends his fine tuned talent with local bands.

Sound Mix: Pete Harrison - Sound engineer and owns PHPromusic studio. He can be reached at or Pete is located in Escondido, Ca and has had his award winning studio since 1989. Check out his web site becausePete is also multi-talented.

Jay, Tony, Jerry and Dave play gigs as "The Collection".

All songs are available by your love donations + S. & H. please

Listener's Appreciation
Arlene,  Thank you for your recordings.  I am so happy for you. Your voice sounds so sweet and pretty.  I would love to see you singing and be there in person, but the next best thing is your recording!

Way back when you were here, I did not know you sang, so how wonderful to know that you have this talent.

Take good care of you and keep singing! 

Arlene, beautiful...angel songs!   I'm proud of you for expanding yourself in this way...Kudos! Jana

Dear Arlene,
Your CD is fabulous! Such a beautiful, angelic voice!! Love the sentiment of the songs! Thank you, thank you for sending it.
With God's Blessings
Ellie and Dave


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