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Arlene's Story

Arlene Raedel was born in Portland Oregon and her family moved from there when she was 6 months old. She then spent the next 6 years of her life in Logan Heights, California. Her father was a Nehi Pop truck driver and her mother was a cocktail waitress who liked to sing the blues, and she had the throat for it.

Arlene wasn’t born with a veil over her head nor was she a ‘generation’ anything. She was simply a little person that had lots of friends she played with everyday and they had loads of fun. They did stage plays much like the ‘lil rascals’ and were just kids.

When the family moved to San Pasqual, California she continued having lots of friends and found nothing unusual about eating her lunch in the little cemetery right next to the one room school house. Sometimes her friends were to sick to come to school and she would eat alone sometimes they would all be there. Sounds normal doesn’t it. It was to her until the day Arlene and her mother were driving by Heather’s house (Arlene’s school friend) and Heather hollered at the car as it drove by that she couldn’t come to school that day because she was to sick. It was then Arlene found out she had “invisible friends” as other people called them.

The animals were real though, but she couldn’t explain why she always knew when they were in trouble and how to find them (boy did she get in trouble bringing all those hurt birds, dogs, toads and more home)

Arlene’s life started to change about then, she had to watch peoples mouths to see if what they were saying was the same as what she heard them saying, and not listen to what the words were coming into her ears. She asked Heather to help her with this and this was Arlene’s secret.

There were more moves: Washington, Texas and back to Escondido, CA. Her mother’s third husband was a chief in the navy who grew up in the swamps near Perry Florida. Arlene’s mother flourished and became a Comptroller for a large department store in Gainesville, Florida.

The following story is my story and you can believe or not that is your choice. I can only tell it the way I lived it so it is my truth.

The biggest change came the day Roy’s grandmother used Arlene to talk to him. Her name was Grandmother Devereaux and she was really mad at him. She had been ‘dead’ about 6 or 7 years and she had just got agitated with what he was doing with his life. That is the day Arlene began speaking what Roy identified as a Natchez language. Arlene didn’t know Roy (and his older sister) had been raised the first 9 years of his life on a Natchez Reservation and that he had been told by both his mother and grandmother they were Natchez Sun Women from the Pearl River Region of Mississippi and Roy was in line of inheritance as a Sun King. Roy strongly denied any desire to assume this role of leadership among what he saw as his people. Roy was adamant that he did not want either his father (an oil rigger) or grandfather (a Methodist Minister) to "talk to him but he let his uncles (deceased) sing their songs and his mother sing her songs to him. These were not traditional native songs but songs that were special to Roy's family and memories. Roy was very pleased and sang along with these songs. (Note: Roy died in 2008 and can no longer support his truth as to his relatives but there were numerous witness to the interaction with Arlene concerning the dialogue between Arlene and Roy's relatives). During this time of ‘adjustment’ Arlene walked into Grape Day Park in Escondido, CA because they were having an event. She walked up to a display booth for The Gatherer’s that met at the Methodist Church in San Diego, Ca. and sure enough, she began talking in Apache, it seemed a relative of Darrel’s, one of the vendors, wanted to talk to him. He, as Roy had done, asked her to slow down talking because he hadn’t spoke Apache for a long time. She was invited to The Gatherer’s because of her ‘gift’. It went from there where Arlene would meet with chiefs and medicine women and they would tell her she was signing to them or talking in their ‘mother tongue’. Respect was always shown to Arlene by these elders for her gifts as she wrote, spoke, and signed in languages she had never seen or spoken [The indian language of Roy's family, Apache, Ute and Piute]. After the meeting with the Tribal Chief in Rubidoux, California he instructed her to go the Anthropology Department of the Riverside College and sign up as a Spirit Speaker of Native American Indian Languages. The language is not always specified but has been identified by the person the conversation is being held with.

In 1991 Arlene went to the emergency room of Palomar Hospital in Escondido, California with incredible pain in her back. Both of her kidneys were in spasm. The Dr. had given her a shot of a pain killer and went on with the work in the ER when Arlene died. The Dr was brought to her side and Arlene watched the Medical Team working to revive her while hearing she was dead and how with that kind of pain a person will choose to die but they kept working on her and Arlene started praying. And God answered her prayer. Because of this recent visit to the other side and back Arlene is even more dedicated to passing on messages between loved ones and not so loved ones who have passed on.


Years have come and gone and Arlene has had wonderful training with a Lakota/Apache woman on Lodge (Inipi) Ceremony, extensive training at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association on how to be in control of the large amount of spirit people who were always visiting with her. In (2007) she attended Sun Dance on the Yankton Sioux Reservation under the leadership of Chief Standing Elk/Golden Eagle/Black Spotted Horse on Pam Red Buffalo Woman’s property. When you drive in her driveway there is a huge sign. No Alcohol, or drugs, and it is meant because it keeps purity of the ceremony. On the return trip after coming out of the Black Hills of South Dakota a buffalo ran along side Arlene’s 1977 Pony (22 foot motor home) for about ¼ of a mile. That is one of her most incredible memories, Camera you ask? Not a one except for the cell phone one she forgot she had.


Long story short, Crazy Lovin Bear says Arlene is a Day Walking Light Trance Medium with great accuracy. Arlene helps people channel information for their books, with their life path, gives guidance on financial matters and career paths, does relationship readings. Does flower reading parties, does psychic readings at corporate parties and on Tuesdays in Riverside, Ca. Teaches development classes at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association in Escondido, Ca, builds labyrinths, talks with animals from both sides of the veil, likes to play with the ‘voices’ in the ORBS and more… [see Calendar for schedule of events]


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