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Kaitlyn This is a picture of Kaitlyn (my great-granddaughter) reading Little Raccoon Meets a Bully.

She said, "It is really good. Really good!"


OMG I love all of it. I even love the feel of the paper. I have three more people who want the books. Both of them. I love the Humming bird. It is my favorite bird. and I love the books "and the day was good again." Vicki Brown

I received the package with your card and the cutest little book.  Thank you.   What a sweet thing. I’ve read it three times already.. Almost makes me wish I had some little ones around so I could read to them.  They’d like it.  –Lori Kane

I received my copy of the The Raccoon and the Bully book yesterday. It is artful, clever, educational as well as colorful and well designed. I will keep it in my 'special collection' of books. Best of Success with this and all of your projects - you are a gifted and wonderful person. Blessings, James Stump




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