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Reverend Arlene Raedel

Greeting Relatives…My earth name is Arlene (given to me by my parents), my Lodge name is Anpoah (One Who Walks In the Golden SunLight), given to me by my Lakota teacher Roxanne) my Star name is Cal~Ton (Golden Light Dove), given to me at a Star Knowledge Conference and the title Reverend given to me by the Education System of Harmony Grove in 2001).  I come to this Planet from the Whale Galaxy which is near Andromeda and now walk with the Teachings of the Aquarius Galaxy in this lifetime.

Hello my friends:
You all saw and managed how time lines and prophecies play a role in your lives as individuals and as a collective. Some have used them for profit, some for prophecy, some for ignorance and some for prayer. Prayer is good. Prophecy are the signs and symbols of God and the guardians of each of those do their part to honor the gift God has entrusted them with. Thank you for doing your part.

When you realize that when you use the Gregorian Calendar System your years differ in number and content than those who use a different system and will produce a different value to the numbers currently allotted for that nation’s calendar. Take a moment and briefly look at the numerical value of the Gregorian Calendar year 2013. Begin with the number 2 which is relationship. Now hold that value in mind as you go past the value of 20 or the zero (opportunity) and you then have the value of 1 (one) and that is leadership. Then you have the 3 or Trinity or the triangle or the Feminine. Now add all the numbers together 2+0+1+3=6 or FAMILY.

We are certain each of you in your own belief and research will be inspired to look deeper into these meanings as this is just a sample of how you can look at the A.D. years allotted to some of you.

Timelines and prophecies are intricate and interwoven by Creator for the joy and benefit of those who have an ear for the words and signs promised to each of you individually and collectively. So please, as you walk the wheel of the 12 moons and many Suns of this year walk with the intention of BIG EARS to listen to the whisper of the Winds and the Heart Beat of Mother Earth for she has much to say to you the two leggeds who walk sometimes so heavily upon her skin, and BIG EYES to look to the clouds and colors of the skies and see the messages sent through their way of talking to you, and TENDER SKIN so you can feel and sense what the water that comes from the skies and feeds the rivers of the earth have to tell you, and stomachs so you will use only that which is needed to give your body healthy life.

The WHALE Nation feels the absence of the oils left by the sacrifice of the Mammoth Nation so many generations before you and have felt the call to bring their beings to the land so that the balance will be restored in the bowels of Mother Earth so be gentle and kind and honor their giveaway.

It is truth that there are many footprints upon the Earth space and many more to come and some to leave to make room for the hopes and dreams of the new arrivals from all Nations. Do you have help from the off world ‘people’. The answer has always been YES for we are of many nations just as you two legged skin peoples.

Your journey around this wheel of life called a one year cycle is of your choice and making. Look inside your-self and see if you enjoy the anger that is forced upon you by aligning yourself with the energies that produce anger. Could you not Pray instead? Or perhaps Meditate? Or even go swim in the waters we provide or walk into the place of the tall trees and just breathe.

Will the wars be ending this year you ask? At the end of every day there is an end to all wars, they seem to begin again when the light is strong enough to begin again. So whose LIGHT is it that begins the war again. Certainly not The Creator of All That IS.

Will the money that is used by all nations of two leggeds be restored so there is food and shelter? There is an abundance of money and now you need to look at choices your make with what money that comes to you and how you will use it. Pray for the balance to come so that all will be provided for. This is the year of FAMILY and time to remember that without your skin you all look alike to us. You all are similar in your thoughts and actions even if you hide behind ceremonies that differ and religions that differ and playfulness and languages.

We will talk to you again in the Spring for there are many changes coming in this Earth realm in these few sun/moon days. Keep your hearts, brains and minds pure of thought and your connection to Creator constant and you will find the peace that brings the PEACE promised.


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